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So What Is The 'Perfect Home' Approach?

More importantly, what does it mean to the luxury home owner?

'“Perfect Home” is a standard and an ideal that we here at C&C have developed over the years.

It is our process that ensures that technology is perfectly and seamlessly integrated into your home.

Through this process, we minimise time on-site due to careful preparation, rack and panel build, testing, and programming being done off-site.

This keeps us on track and on pace with each project being completed while also reducing stress, time, and issues because of our organisation and smooth delivery process.

See our simple but effective process below:

Not all smart homes are built equal - detailed planning is essential for a successful installation.

At C&C we have developed a product mix and system that gives you the most reliable solution to control your home.

A system that is built on reliability, that cannot let you down...

'PERFECT HOME' is not just about product selection. We pre-wire, test and terminate every cable on site.

Your equipment ships to site built, tested and fully programmed saving days, sometimes weeks of site work...

The foundation of your Smart Home System is an intelligent business class, CyberSecure network backbone.

All systems are remote monitored and self healing. We solve problems before you know about them...

'PERFECT HOME' is the highest standard for any home cinema or automation project.



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While Cinemas & Control Ltd operate mainly in the South of England serving clients in London and the Home Counties, we do have installation teams that allow for us to operate anywhere in the UK. We have even completed installations for clients in Spain, Portugal and France.

With careful planning, the right product specification and our preventative maintenance and support we firmly believe that location is not an issue no matter where you are based.

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