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Cyber Secure Home Networks

Intelligent, secure, self learning, wired & wireless home networks protecting your property.

Don’t let your home be the next one attacked...Cyber crime is now becoming the largest grossing criminal activity.

Prevent your home from falling fowl of a cyber attack... Cyber crime is now the largest grossing criminal activity.

Make sure your network is built with safety, speed, and reliability.

Cyber security threats are intelligent in design, meaning they are known as “Zero-day malware.”

Unfortunately, this means that many anti-virus software will not detect or identify the intrusion, which makes room for the threat to take over the system.

An intelligent security device can look at anomalies in your home network and block intrusions before they can get into your system.



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While Cinemas & Control Ltd operate mainly in the South of England serving clients in London and the Home Counties, we do have installation teams that allow for us to operate anywhere in the UK. We have even completed installations for clients in Spain, Portugal and France.

With careful planning, the right product specification and our preventative maintenance and support we firmly believe that location is not an issue no matter where you are based.

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